After Effects


 After Effects for Beginners: 3 Tips for Creating Professional Looks

In this beginner course we'll cover 3 basic tips to create polished and professional looking pieces.

This effects are super easy to achieve and really add a ton of value to any piece, be it digital art, photography, or video.


After Effects for Beginners: Sexy Titles!

In this beginner course we'll cover some of the basic tools and tips you'll use over and over again as you progress in the software, all while learning how to create some Sexy Titles! After this course, you'll have what you need to tackle your first projects!


After Effects for Beginners: Simple Logo Reveal!

In this beginner course we'll discuss how to use basic key-framing to create a clean and sleek logo reveal!


After Effects for Beginners: Create Custom Transitions!

In this course I'll teach you how to build your own custom transitions in After Effects using shape layers and basic keyframes to create a cascading animation for motion graphics.

Fun, easy, fast to render, and looks great!  Use the basics I share to create your own unique transitions!

Intermediate After Effects: Motion Track & Composite a Device Screen

In this quick, intermediate-level course you'll learn how to composite a device screen into a scene.  I will teach you how to motion track your footage in Mocha, a plugin included inside of After Effects, and I will give some tips along the way to ensure you get a solid track.  Then we will hop over to After Effects where I will show you how to apply your track to a pre-composed layer, animate your assets, and composite your scene using green screen chroma key and the rotobrush tool.